Tombstone Desert Donkey Dash

Reverend Rose participated in the three mile Tombstone Desert Donkey Dash race on Saturday April 1, 2023. She was teamed up with donkey Levi, who has been graciously loaned to her for the race by Robert at the Good Enough Mine. Reverend Rose and Levi came in 53rd out of eighty entrants.

Tombstone Desert Donkey Dash 3 Mile Intro Course

3 Mile Intro Course (YELLOW RIBBONS): Starting line is on historic Allen Street. Teams will run east on Allen Street and make a right turn that will go through Toughnut Gulch then into the historic mining district of Tombstone. Teams will travel over the Good Enough, Way Up, Toughnut, Girard, and Westside Mines, powering up a steep incline to an 1800s water tank on top of Tombstone Hills. The water tank is hand carved from solid granite which is fed by 20+ springs from 26 miles away providing Tombstone with its water supply. You will progress down hill within view of spectators/town for approximately one mile. On the return, teams will cut across the gulch back to the mining properties to the Good Enough Mine onto Allen Street for the finish line. This course provides a number of different surfaces and terrains including a steep grade from 4500 ft to approximately 4900 ft.

Start Time: 8:00am MST

End Time: 1:00pm MST